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What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? How can I master NLP?

Welcome to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), where the power of language and the intricacies of the mind converge to unlock your full potential.

NLP is a dynamic approach to personal and professional development that delves into the connection between neurology, language, and behavior. By understanding and harnessing these connections, NLP empowers individuals to enhance communication skills, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve profound transformation.

Whether you’re seeking to improve relationships, boost career success, or cultivate inner resilience, NLP offers a toolkit of practical techniques and insights to help you thrive in every aspect of life. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with NLP – where the possibilities are limitless.

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What is in for me, when I participate in this NLP Training?

Five Full Days of In Depth Learning NLP for Self Development and for Professional Growth

Certification from ABNLP (American Board of NLP) & IINLP (Institure of Integrated NLP)

Personally taught by Dr. Ashish Sehgal, Licenced Trainer of NLP with over Two Decades of Experience

Post Program Support in form of Special Refresher Programs and Practice Sessions

Updated Curriculum and Special Modules for Coaches, Counselors and Trainers.

Most Reasonable Fee Structure, Early Bird Offers and Easy EMI* options

How does this NLP training transform your personal, professional and social life?

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NLP helps you Consistently Deliver Exceptional Results

People who have learned Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) often deliver exceptional results consistently through several key practices:

  • Effective Communication Skills: NLP emphasizes precise and influential communication techniques. Practitioners learn to understand and use language patterns that resonate with others, fostering clear and impactful communication.

  • Goal Setting and Visualization: NLP encourages individuals to set specific, achievable goals and use visualization techniques to create a vivid mental image of success. This mental rehearsal helps in programming the mind for success.

  • Behavioral Flexibility: NLP teaches adaptability by enabling individuals to understand and modify their behavior based on the context. This flexibility allows for better interpersonal interactions and problem-solving.

  • Anchoring Positive States: NLP practitioners learn to anchor positive emotions or states, enabling them to recall and apply these states when needed. This helps in maintaining a positive mindset even in challenging situations.

  • Modeling Excellence: NLP involves studying successful individuals and understanding the patterns of their thinking and behavior. By modeling these patterns, practitioners can replicate success strategies in their own lives.

NLP Training with Ashish Sehgal
Dr. Ashish Sehgal personally teaches all batches and helps you learn NLP, while you build better lives for yourself and others around you. 
Deeper Interventions with NLP
Dr. Ashish Sehgal personally attends to your challanges and help you resolve them, artfully and gracefully.
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: NLP helps individuals identify and overcome limiting beliefs that may hinder personal or professional growth. By replacing negative beliefs with empowering ones, practitioners can unlock their full potential.

  • Rapport Building: NLP places a strong emphasis on building rapport and establishing a connection with others. Practitioners learn to understand and adapt to different communication styles, enhancing their ability to connect and collaborate effectively.

  • Time Line Therapy: NLP includes techniques like Time Line Therapy, which helps individuals overcome past traumas or negative experiences, allowing them to focus on the present and future with a positive mindset.

  • Resourceful State Management: NLP teaches effective ways to manage one’s emotional and mental states. Practitioners learn to shift from unproductive states to resourceful ones, enhancing their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

  • Continuous Learning and Application: Successful NLP practitioners continually refine their skills by staying updated with the latest developments in the field. They actively apply NLP techniques in various aspects of their lives, ensuring consistent growth and success.

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